MF.10 Stereo Bundle


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Product information "MF.10 Stereo Bundle"

New and exclu­sive to G66, develo­ped with Marco Fanton, this tiny cabinet is a super-linear, super-compact solu­tion, that provi­des super stereo sound when used in pairs and per­fect for the Axe-Fx and FM3 and the ideal compa­nion for every modeler. 

These cabinets don’t just sound good for some­thing so small. No, they sound great. Period. They also happen to be extre­mely compact. In a blind­fold test, the MF.10 ('MF' for Marco Fanton) comes across as power­ful and trans­parent, with all the punch of a 4x12 cabinet. The fact that it is doing this with only a 10” spea­ker is quite simply unbe­lievable. The deci­sion not to use 12” spea­kers was a delibe­rate one as, despite being ideal for nor­mal guitar cabs, in FRFR cabinets they tend to emphasize cer­tain bass frequen­cies too much. A 10” speaker, on the other hand, can reproduce mid frequencies with better clarity – and it’s those mids that are so vitally important for the guitar. 

Including 3m Cordial/Neutrik Speakon Cable.

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